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Having a paid trainer work with you to build your muscle mass is a proven way to help generate the muscle you are after.

But hiring a personal trainer can be pretty expensive and can really wreak havoc on your budget.

Fortunately, with the internet, there are several opportunities out there. We realize that there are plenty of muscle training programs online. But which ones really work? We figured that’s a good question that needs answering. So, we decided to review several muscle building programs and determine which one is the best. Our key results criteria would be: actual muscle growth, strength, and manageable training sessions.

Though some of the training programs we tried had delivered some level of expected results, we had consistently found one – and only one – that not only satisfied our criteria, but also exceeded our expectations in a number of different areas.

The criteria we used were based on the following:

  • Muscle Growth
  • Power & Strength Building
  • Realistic Training Schedule
Vince Delmonte Review

Rating 9.5/10

Muscle Growth
Power & Strength Building
Realistic Workouts

"The top program for Muscle Growth..."

Vince DelMonte’s program is simply the most effective training and muscle building program out there on the market.

We took an extensive look at several programs and without a doubt this one topped them all. Even a complete weight lifting newbie can quickly start using this program and develop muscle mass and strength easily and fast.

Del Monte offers a comprehensive program but also takes things a step forward in comparison to most of the other programs. He not only offers specific information specific muscle types, but also a diet and nutrition component. This is truly a step-by-step (drug-free) guide to increasing your muscle mass fast!

If you have only started working out, this is the right may be the right product for you.

Here’s why: During our extensive tests with about 22 volunteers, we saw added muscle within weeks, not months. Also, we saw that most of our skinnier guys on the program grew muscle mass at an impressive rate.

Del Monte’s program helps you understanding how specific muscle fibers in our body work. He teaches you how to focus your sets for specific goals for each muscle group.

In addition, doing Del Monte helps steer you away from doing the “wrong” exercises to prevent injury, which is also very helpful to those starting out.

Really, the only downside to this program is that it is so comprehensive that it may feel like a bit overloaded for the first hand user. But then again, having more information in your hands the better, right?

Dieting, nutrition, supplement facts, and even an anatomy lesson are all included and all fit in nicely to Del Monte’s program. No question, this training program is one of the best muscle building programs that have been out there, and it has a proven track record for results.

The Verdict: This training program is great for people who are serious about building massive muscle fast and altering their entire physique. This program will show you the truth about six pack abs along with how to gain muscle quickly. After taking a look at the results from our own volunteers and staff, we strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants results.

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