Vince DelMonte

Vince Delmonte and His Amazing Journey of Transformation


There is a fitness level that most men want to attain, and for most, it’s an endless struggle to add on the muscle that will give them the kind of definition they want. Some find it impossible to get it and simply give up when they see no progress. However, others hang in there and stay disciplined until the very end. That is basically the story of Vince Delmonte, a former skinny guy who has now attained a body for which most men only dream.


It was a rough beginning for Vince in his teenage and young adult life. An avid fun of triathlons and long distance running, it was very hard for Vince to get a well cut muscular frame. With his slight body, he earned the name Skinny Vince in high school. He did not give up his life as an athlete, and his body weight never sailed past the 150-pound mark, even when he tried his hardest. He later pursued a degree in university, majoring in kinesiology, and hoping that his fate would change somewhere down the line.


As if to add insult to injury, Vince found himself surrounded by roommates who had good athletic build. They all casually had ripped abs, and their pride preceded them wherever they went. Vince was at this time having his very skinny frame, and the name Skinny Vince was reintroduced during his college years. He still stayed true to his athletic passions, and competed in cross-country for his school, and also for his country, Canada. An achiever by any standards, Vince wanted something that he had been missing for most of his life, a grand physique. As his graduation neared, he decided that he had to make the changes that he wanted so bad to see, and so started his journey to becoming an iconic symbol of what muscular male physique should be. With his athletic shoes hanged, and with a camera in hand, Vince took image of what would be his ‘before’ body and embarked on a journey to get the much desired beach body that would be the stuff of admiration.


After his graduation, his goals had not yet caught up with him. For a while, he worked as a personal trainer, but this did not bring his goals closer to him, as there was still a frame of body he had in mind. It’s this dedication that pushed him to working harder than he had ever worked before. For six months, he dedicated to working out, and sure enough, some muscle definition became apparent together with the six-pack abs that he was so longing to have.


His newfound confidence was short lived. The next two years became a stalling phase where he casually dined on whatever he wanted, and didn’t care so much for weight training or training at all. Such kind of a lapse means your body loses much of the progress that you had preciously attained, and a layer of fat starts forming around the muscles you worked so hard to define. This was in January 2005 and Vince decided his fate would be different, that he would create a physique so awesome and so loveable that it would basically ooze of admiration and become a source of pride for him.


All his efforts were directed towards helping him attain his new goals. With his new sense of motivation, in a short twelve weeks, Vince had gained over 40 pounds of muscle to weigh in at 190 pounds. This was a significant difference from his previous weight that he found so easy to cross once he started taking his purpose and goal achieving sense seriously. Transforming from an average guy with a laughable physique to a fit and well-toned muscle hunk was quite the achievement, and Vince was not simply willing to settle for the fact that he could do it. He wanted to show the world how to transform a body from skinny to buff in a short time.


His sense of accomplishment, and his desire to share his discoveries with the world gave life to the no nonsense bodybuilding for beginners and advanced body builders. The target demographic for the program was the skinny guys who wanted to add on muscle and improve on their physique. It only made sense, since he was himself, a living testament of the right way to transform from skinny to muscular.

Vince found himself competing in fitness modelling shows in Canada as his body became the subject of much talk, and a sculptured representation of what muscular perfection is like. He continues to help others change their skinny appearances by pointing them in the right direction. His No Nonsense Muscle Building Program that he fully created helps in guiding one through the diet and exercises regimes until the goals set have been reached. He has also authored Your Six Pack Quest, an online fat loss program that can help you shed off your stubborn weight and get you a flawless mid section and the definition you have always wanted.


Vince now continues to be an inspiration to all skinny guys worldwide. An expert when it comes to these kinds of transformations, Vince now weighs in at a comfortable 210 pounds and is still passionate about maintaining his defined physique and helping others find one too. He has mentioned on numerous occasions the things that you need to achieve any fitness goal you have set.


  • You need a sense of commitment to your goals and the purpose you have set for yourself
  • You also need to have a plan that will replace all your old unhealthy habits with new ones, which will bring you closer to your goals.
  • Finally, the discipline to stay true to your goals by working towards them when you feel like it and when you don’t.


Vince Delmonte has become a global source of inspiration to all the skinny guys who want to build, and his dedication to help anyone reach their fitness goals deserves an accolade to say the least.


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